Frequently Asked Questions
1. The MP3 previews don't loop smoothly sometimes. Will my downloaded sound effect files loop properly?[TOP]
Yes. The MP3 previews on are streaming previews to make our pages load faster.
Because the previews are streaming you may hear a bump in the loops as the preview rebuffers itself.
The full resolution WAV files you receive after purchase are all edited to loop seamlessly without pops or dropped beats.
2. How can I use these sound effects?[TOP]
When you purchase an audio file sound effects from you will receive a license agreement which gives you legal right to use the music in your multimedia projects. If someone questions your right to use the sounds you can show them your agreement or have them contact We will also sign and email any written verification notice you might need for release of the sounds.

Our license agreement is very generous. Most production music companies ask you to report to them how you are using their music and they'll bill you accordingly (even if you don't buy from us you should always make an inquiry regarding limited use license and billing). Under our agreement your one time payment allows you to use the audio files sound effects in any way you wish. The only limit we put on our sound files is that you may not post them on the internet for download and you cannot resell or redistribute them *as a collection*.

Please see our License Agreement Explained section for more info.
3. What options do I have for payment?[TOP]
You can use either use the credit card checkout or the Paypal checkout. We offer both as our customers seem to like the two options.

The credit card system goes through the Linkpoint gateway system, our servers are secure with 128bit encryption, your sensitive credit card data is never seen by us or anyone else.
It is very easy to use and is just a one-step process. There is no registration for an account, we do not store your credit card details or your address.

Please remember that all purchases will show up on your credit card statement as Partners In Rhyme, Inc.

The Paypal system is also easy to use. Once you click on the Checkout with Paypal button you will be taken to the license agreement page and then off-site to the Paypal payment system. Once you approve the payment through Paypal you will taken back to the website to download your files.

In both cases you will also receive an email that includes download links to all of your files, an invoice and a license agreement listing your name and the referenced audio file names.
4. The system doesn't accept my credit card.[TOP]
If you are having trouble with your credit card not being accepted you can also try your order through the Paypal system.
The Papal system allows purchases with any major credit card, no Paypal account is required.
Just click on the 'I don't have a Paypal account' on the Paypal payment page.
5. I tried ordering and it said there is something wrong with my "cookies"?[TOP]
If you get a 'cookies' error when trying to checkout you can either try clearing your cache of the cookies from your browser preference panel or the easiest solution is to try your order with another browser if you have one installed.
6. I couldn't download from the delivery page. How do I get my files now? [TOP]
If you had trouble downloading from the delivery page at the end of the order process, do not worry, you can still get access to your files.

For each order that comes through a confirmation email is sent to the customer's email address.
This email includes an invoice, a license agreement and download links to each of the files involved in the order.

To download from the email right-click (control-click on a mac) directly on the links in the email and choose 'download link' from the menu that pops-up (terminology may vary for each email client, choose the one that says download or save link as).
Then name and save the files to your hard drive. Do not save directly to an application, save them to your hard drive.

Be sure to remember where on your hard drive you save your files so you can find them afterwards.

If you are still having trouble downloading after trying this please contact us using the link at the top of the page and we will create a new download page for you.
7. What format will my audio files be in?[TOP]
All of our audio files are delivered in high quality 16bit, 44k, stereo WAV format.

We deliver in this format because we want our customers to have a copy of the audio they purchase in the highest quality format available.

We also deliver in WAV format because many of your sound effects loop seamlessly. The MP3 conversion process destroys the edits on these loops by adding blank audio at the head and tail (this happens not just with our loops but *any* audio file that is converted to MP3). This is unavoidable glitch that happens in the MP3 conversion process.
We would rather our customers start with functioning, looping, high quality audio files and then let them decide whether they need to convert to MP3 or not.
8. But I need MP3 audio files![TOP]
We realize that many of our customer need MP3 files.
There are many different conversion rates for MP3 files and we do not have the server space to provide every MP3 option available and we would rather leave it to the customer to decide just how much of the audio quality to throw out during the MP3 conversion process.

MP3 Conversion Instructions

Converting to MP3 is very easy. If you don't already have it download the free app iTunes (Mac or PC) here:

Load all of the sounds into iTunes (simply drag and drop in most operating systems) then choose iTunes > Preferences
Click on the 'Advanced' tab, then the 'Importing' tab, then choose MP3 from the 'Import Using' menu, then choose the setting you want or choose 'custom' if you have a specific setting in mind.
Click OK. Then go back to the library, select all of your tracks that you want to convert, then choose Advanced > Convert selection to MP3
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