Sci fi, Space, Communication, Sci-fi radar or sonar signals, morse-like futuristic digital radio transmissions. High frequencies. All royalty free sound effects with a lifetime license for use.

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Short flickering electricity sound

Length: 2 sec|Size: 0.42 Mb

Price: $2.95

Electricity loudly buzzing

Length: 33 sec|Size: 5.58 Mb

Price: $4.49

The sounds of bones clanking and screams

Length: 14 sec|Size: 2.44 Mb

Price: $3.49

UFO hovering overhead

Length: 8 sec|Size: 1.31 Mb

Price: $2.95

Sci-fi Machine: loop, short #7

Length: 2.5 sec|Size: 0.43 Mb

Price: $2.95

Price: $2.95
Sci Fi Sound Effects
(sound effects collection)

Download Stock MusicMysterious pads and voices, exotic percussion and instruments fill this royalty free music collection called Mystery and Suspense.

Check out 'I'm Watching You' for a subtly suspenseful background track or 'Unclear' for mysterious underscore using harp and strange swelling pads.
143 Sci-Fi sound effects with laser beams, swooshes, hots and warbles. Space drones as alien ships cruise by.

This collection of high quality sci fi sound effects should be included in every sound designer's library. Check out the space machines and plasma doors along with looping ambience and communication sounds.