The sounds of fire-breathing and dragons and dragon sound effects to use in your medieval battles and mysterious fantasy projects. These dragon sound effects are royalty free to download and use today.

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Price: $2.95

Creatures, Dragon, huge flying creature

Length: 10 sec|Size: 1.58 Mb

Price: $3.49

Price: $2.95

Price: $2.95

Creatures, Dragon, CU snap like growl

Length: 2 sec|Size: 0.22 Mb

Price: $2.95

Price: $2.95

Alien/creature growl 2

Length: 1 sec|Size: 0.15 Mb

Price: $2.49

Creatures, Dragon, long deep growl

Length: 5 sec|Size: 0.81 Mb

Price: $2.95

Creatures, Dragon, lizard like growl

Length: 2 sec|Size: 0.23 Mb

Price: $2.95

Alien/creature growl 3

Length: 3 sec|Size: 0.53 Mb

Price: $2.95

Price: $2.95
Scary Sound Effects
(sound effects collection)

Download Stock MusicA royalty free collection of horror background music, horror hits and scary sound effects.

Use this horror background music library, halloween sound effects and scary Sounds to make your website, film, video or Halloween party a big, scary sounding event.
Alien Monsters breathing, groaning and sneering plus creaky doors and recordings of ghosty ectoplasm (these are really hard to find let alone record)
This collection of 93 high quality horror sounds effects includes monsters, bats, creaks, heartbeats, soundscapes and screams.