A collection of royalty free sound effects that will enable you to build a variety of forest environments. Birds chirping in the trees, streams and brooks, wind blowing through the trees.

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Price: $3.49

An owl hoots in the eerie night air.

Length: 10 sec|Size: 1.74 Mb

Price: $3.49

Birds and Seagulls 3 - Seagull cries

Length: 28 sec|Size: 4.88 Mb

Price: $3.95

Price: $3.49

Price: $2.95

Air, Nature, Birds, Dog, Very Lite

Length: 93 sec|Size: 15.74 Mb

Price: $4.95

Air, Forest, Cricket, Birds, Lite

Length: 42 sec|Size: 3.59 Mb

Price: $4.49

Wind in Trees Heavy with Birdsong 1

Length: 307 sec|Size: 56.24 Mb

Price: $4.95

Price: $4.95

The royalty free music track used in this video is called
Adventures in the Western Woods
by Michael Scott Weber

Check this composer's entire catalog here...
Michael Scott Weber