Bowling alley ambience and sounds. Pins being struck, people shouting, bowling balls rolling down loanes and gutters. Large bowling allies and small bowling allies.

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Bowling: Bowl and Strike-close to pins

Length: 11 sec|Size: 2.01 Mb

Price: $3.49

Bowling: Spare-several pins, very close

Length: 10 sec|Size: 1.74 Mb

Price: $3.49

Bowling: Spare-one pin, up close

Length: 10 sec|Size: 1.88 Mb

Price: $3.49

Bowling: Gutter ball-medium distance

Length: 12 sec|Size: 2.15 Mb

Price: $3.49

Bowling: Strike only-very far away

Length: 6 sec|Size: 1.07 Mb

Price: $2.95

Bowling: Strike only-further away

Length: 12 sec|Size: 2.17 Mb

Price: $3.49

I spent the night out in the field in the hot tent so I could get an early start up the mountain to film the predicted snowstorm.
I was not disappointed.
The blizzard hit just as I was making my way to the fields at Villanova. I was able to fly the drone during breaks in the snowstorm.
This was my first major hike since by battle with long Covid began two months ago. I felt pretty good during the hike and the whole snowy adventure got my energy up for quite a while but unfortunately I crashed for two days afterwards.
Covid Sucks!
The opening track for the camera gear prep part of the video is cool because of the nature of the editing I got use a genre that is not normally associated with nature and hiking videos, namely 'trap beat'.

This royalty free music track is called: The Dilemma$id/

The composer is Joel Loopez$id/

The music for the rest of the video is more suited for nature and drone footage with it's ambient pads and lone piano melody. The great thing about this track is the composer provided an alternate version of the mix the excluded the piano melody which I used at the end of the video to give it an even more ambient effect.

This royalty free track is called: Snowflakes In June

The composer is Ilya Kaplan